The relative atmospheric humidity in the cellars of crematoria II and III, which must certainly have approached 100%, would have “seriously delayed” evaporation,[428] as well as the possible fluid secretions caused by panic on the part of victims lying on the floor, which could very well have occurred as soon as the door was closed, that is, prior to release of the Zyklon B. N.B. All of this must compel people accustomed to thinking in terms of technology and the natural sciences to conclude that the Germans must have decided to choose absolutely the most expensive, laborious, most dangerous and difficult way possible in which to kill people en masse. New (Other) C $34.37. Marketplace 8 For Sale. The latest radio shows from our sister site. W poszukiwaniu najwydajniejszej metody "ostatecznego rozwiązania" Niemcy nie cofali się przed niczym. The eyewitness testimonies relating to the alleged cremation of the bodies, finally, are riddled with fantasy: cremation in deep ditches; cremation with liquid fuels; entirely without-or with ridiculously little-fuel; the destruction of corpses with explosives; the collection of human fat. Thanks to Robert Faurisson, the new Jewish religion of the “Holocaust” with its Zyklon B-filled Holy Grail has been exposed as a load of gaseous nonsense. Upper curve: Ideal concentration behavior without Adsorption losses. Buy it now + EUR 13.05 postage. Występował w postaci grudek ziemi okrzemkowej nasączonej cyjanowodorem - … Select list(s): New Article Updates Weekly Newsletter. Even during the horrid work of digging up and burning the mass graves, they did not allow themselves to be disturbed while eating. 166.). He also won the inaugural Monaco Grand Prix in 1929, for which he received 100,000 francs, a small fortune at that time, and then won other races in Le Mans and La Boule. Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de zyklon b. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide. Further re. Shop now. ), otherwise in morgue, some of them next to corpses of last gassing victims awaiting cremation; entry into ‘gas chambers’ past coal room and doctor’s office; evacuation of the entire building; introduction of Zyklon B through hatches from a ladder after closure of door(s); opening of doors after 15 to 20 minutes; removal of corpses to morgue or to cremation ditches behind crematorium V by the Sonderkommando, some of them wearing gas masks, some not. Due to the slow increase towards the maximum concentration, it must be assumed that Puntigam’s values without circulating air system (Graph 12, lower curve) were achieved at similar temperatures. They are only a selection-there are numerous other such testimonies. This fat was poured over the corpses to accelerate their combustion. It must therefore be considered established that quantities of at least 20 kg of Zyklon B per gassing (ten 2 kg cans or twenty 1 kg cans) would probably have had to have been used for the gassing procedures described. 1995-1999 Aldrahn - Vocals Samoth - Guitar, Bass Ihsahn - Keyboards Frost - Drums Blood Must Be Shed in 1995. 4 g HCN per m3. Theoretically, one could, at that time, have chosen between nitrogen (N2), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), phosgene (COCl2), chlorine (Cl2), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), nerve gases such as Tabun and Sarin, Diesel engine exhaust, internal combustion engine exhaust, producer gas, coke or city gas, process gas, and, possibly, still other, entirely different, instruments of mass murder, suitable even under completely different circumstances (shooting in the back of the neck, hunger, epidemics). This means that the poison gas could not have been introduced into the alleged ‘gas chambers’ in the manner described by the eyewitnesses. [461] According to Pressac only a few gassings, with a total of only 10,000 victims. In assuming a total inhaled volume of ca. Coming into contact with Zyklon B leads to an internal asphyxiation with symptoms of injury to the respiratory system, a feeling of fear, dizziness, and vomiting. [496], Naturally, CO would not necessarily speed up the execution procedure in comparison to hydrogen cyanide, but it would have been safer, more easily available nearby, less complicated, and cheaper.[497]. The most vehement attack of the media darling Pressac on the dominating historiography occurred during an interview published as an appendix to a PhD thesis analyzing the history of Holocaust revisionism in France. [295] According to a report by a US Senator drawn up at that time, mistreatment of German prisoners by Allied personnel was a frequent occurrence:[432]. The images present the site of the former camp, historical descriptions, witness accounts, archival documents and photographs, artworks and objects related to the history of the camp. If one assumes a time period of 5 minutes until respiratory arrest, the assumed breathing volume during each single minute is: 1.: 20 l; 2.: 30 l; 3.: 50 l; 4.: 80 l; 5.: 30 l.[422] In total, this yields a breathing volume of ca. In addition, they only refer to the time when a victim has ingested a fatal dose, but not when death occurs, which can sometimes take a very long time.[423]. The supply figures of the Auschwitz camp can be found in the protocols of the International Military Tribunal Nuremberg. With a free volume of 430 m3 in morgue 1 of crematoria II and III,[466] this corresponds to a quantity of hydrogen cyanide of approximately 1.5 kg released and spread out after five minutes. Tauber claims that by so doing, huge flames would have come out of the crematorium’s chimney, which they hoped would make the Allied bomber pilots aware of them. Pressac himself becomes very critical in quite a few of his passages relating to the reliability and credibility of eyewitness testimonies;[452] yet it is upon these eyewitness testimonies that all the descriptions of the ‘gas chamber’ killings are based. [448], Now to the testimony of the witness Richard Böck as quoted during the Frankfurt tribunal:[297], “One day, it was during the winter of 1942/43, H. asked me, whether I wanted to drive with him to a gassing action. The water pipes visible there hang freely in space inside the room, without any connection; only a few of them are equipped with shower heads, while they terminate in the ventilation openings in the exterior wall, i.e., they were installed after the removal of the disinfestation devices (ovens, ventilators, and so on), very probably after the German withdrawal (see Fig. Zyklon B, referred to here merely as Zyklon, is a very effective pesticide consisting of liquid hydrogen cyanide (HCN, an acid) absorbed into some inert material such as wood pulp, with an irritant added to warn bystanders of its presence. Kyle Hunt There is general unanimity as to this point, no matter what else might be in dispute. Zyklon B was used in Germany before and during the Second World War for disinfection and pest extermination in ships, buildings and machinery. The Soviets, at any rate, killed countless millions of human beings either simply by shooting them in the back of the neck or allowing them to die in camps under miserable conditions. […] Furthermore, the testimony of B ö c k is only one of numerous similar statements […]. The distribution of the gas throughout the chamber from a few sources of hydrogen cyanide only, and the absorption of the gas by the moist walls and the nearby victims would further delay the process. [B]Mẫu xe underbone với tên gọi Exciter 135 là thế hệ đầu tiên của Exciter tại thị trường Việt Nam, tại thị trường Malaysia có tên là Yamaha LC135. In 1929, for example, a U.S. Public Health Service officer, J.R. … A dose of 1 mg cyanide per kg body weight is generally considered lethal. Aryan, National Socialist, Student of JS Bach and Cello. Also, small amounts of air would have seeped into the interior through the ventilation shafts. It is interesting to note that M. Broszat deleted the last pages of Rudolf Höß’s testimony from his edition, since they contain “completely erroneous data on the numerical strength of these jews“, as Broszat himself stated in a footnote. Hunting Hitler's Nukes book. [427] The gypsum version was used-even according to eyewitness testimony-in the concentration camps. ), a concentration of at least 3,000 ppm (3.6g/m3) would have had to have reached even the remotest corner of the chamber after only half this time (five minutes). Hydrogen cyanide blocks the oxygen supply to the cells. The illogical and ridiculous- in Pressac’s words-gassing scenarios in the ‘gas chambers’ of crematoria IV and V as well as the comparable ones in farmhouses I and II, would have been extremely dangerous for the Sonderkommandos (see chapter 5.4.2. and 5.4.3.). Genre. And of course, at some point in this alleged scenario, people had to realize that they were not gathering for a shower, thus resulting in panic and lack of orderly cooperation with their murderers’ procedures. I have spent 20 years of my career as an engineer in the hydrogen cyanide industry in the service of the groups Pechiney-Ugine-Kuhlmann and Charbonnages de France. Graph 12: Hydrogen cyanide concentration behavior in delousing chamber with and without circulating air systems, measuring points always in center of room (intern. The handling of Zyklon B, on the other hand, would have demanded a remarkable number of safety precautions on the part of the executioners. Following the alarming mock air attack, Civil Defense Directors in fifty-one Indiana counties established Ground Observer Corps posts. On top of this, Tauber also claims that the Sonderkommandos shoved extraordinarily many corpses into each oven (up to eight) when they heard Allied planes approaching. Auschwitz: Crematorium I and the Alleged Homicidal Gassings, Savage: American Indian Warfare on the High Plains, How Employers Have Gamified Work for Maximum Profit, German Soldiers in the Soviet Union as Witnesses against Bolshevism: “The Worker’s Paradise”, Bill Gates Aghast Over ‘Crazy And Evil Conspiracy Theories’ About He And Fauci, Hints At Social Media Censorship, Deagel, Intelligence Organization for the U.S. Government, Predicts Massive Global Depopulation (50-80%) by 2025. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. In fact, safe entry into the ‘gas chamber’ without protective measures can hardly have been possible in less than three to four hours. Even during the use of very large quantities of Zyklon B (much more than 10g per m3). Zyklon, as in Zyklon-B, the poison they used in the gas chambers during the Holocaust. Black Metal band. On the other hand, this is due to the fact that lethal concentrations of the gas must penetrate every crack and fissure, no matter how tiny. These were, in some cases, exactly the same people who were entrusted with the deportation and allegedly with the killing of jews-such as Adolf Eichmann, for example. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Commander of the Exodus. The effect of hydrogen cyanide is based on the fact that it paralyzes the respiration of every individual cell in the body. The ventilation system, if it existed, did not have the performance to clear the chambers in the time frame attested to. 173. content (30% per Inhalation), Reduction of O2 [473] So, even without adding any toxic gas, we have to reckon with the victims being suffocated in an airtight chamber already after some 45-60 minutes. What of it can be salvaged? What is the credibility of the eyewitness testimonies as to content? [476] (Who, by the way, would go with a towel under a shower?) Copy #2/50 is dated 25th January 1980. Oral poisoning (for example, with potassium cyanide KCN) is very painful due to muscular convulsions caused by cell suffocation. Moda damska bonprix inspiruje kobiety od ponad 25 lat. [413] As the vital cell functions are thereby starved of oxygen, the animal or human being suffocates. View cart for details. Excursus 1: Poisoning or Suffocation? Due to the extremely high capability of the lungs to absorb HCN, the human lung acts like a perfect filter which absorbs all hydrogen cyanide out of the air. In relation to the quantities used, the US execution gas chamber in Raleigh (North Carolina), for example, is said to use 454 g KCN in half concentrated sulfuric acid, leading to instant formation of hydrogen cyanide vapor, which is even visible for a short period to the witnesses in the witness room and which reaches the victim in seconds. In Table 9, the total inhaled volume of 1,000 victims is given in m3 and multiples of the free air volume as a function of time. Zyklon-B to jeden z najdziwniejszych składów jaki wypuściła Norwegia. [472] Pressac justifies this with the fact that, in relation to other concentration camps, where doubtlessly no extermination took place, the Auschwitz camp did not receive higher amounts of Zyklon B deliveries, if seen in relation to the number of inmates and in relation to the material delousing facilities that doubtlessly operated there. 51 Av. Consensus reality is established by the mass media and the majority of white-collar workers will accept the interpretative reality it proffers as demonstrated truth. Why do propagandists insist on this compound despite it’s expense? ANEC stands for Association normande pour l’éveil du citoyen, (Norman Association for the Warning of Citizens), which was an association created by the Normandy teacher Vincent Reynouard, who, just as Michel Adams before him, lost his job because of his revisionist views and was sentenced to fines and a three months prison term. Since the different measuring points show different concentrations peaks, this indicates a non-even distribution of the products in the chamber. Table 10: Amount of hydrogen cyanide as a function of execution time, (lethal dose = 80 mg/person = 80 g/1,000 persons). Most of them died in the gas chambers using Zyklon B. Nazi doctors also carried out medical experiments on deportees. MP3 Music Listen with Music Unlimited. The claims were repeatedly made that the victims were made to believe that they were going to shower or undergo disinfestation. For more recent exchange rates, please use the. Sir, Having learned about the odious persecution of which you are a victim in the name of ‘freedom of expression’, let me express all of my sympathy and my total solidarity to you. Inspection of Mexican immigrants by the US Public Health Service. [465] When considering the delays caused by the release of the gas and its distribution, as well as the fact that death occurs only several minutes after respiratory arrest, the first two lines of Table 10, corresponding to execution times of ca. Buy It Now. Alternatively, few people could be made to undress at a time, but this assumes that the people who have already undressed are in the ‘gas chamber’ and waiting patiently for the next arrival of naked inmates. Graph 9: Evaporation rate of hydrogen cyanide from the Ercco carrier material (gypsum with some starch) at various temperatures and fine distribution, according to R. Irmscher/DEGESCH 1942.[427]. The actual figures were lower by a factor of approximately ten. In the opinion of the court, many of the witness testimonies possessed insufficient credibility.

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